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Top 7 hotels Da Nang to the most

Owning the ideal location, Da Nang is famous for beautiful view class hotel combines luxurious, modern resort with many advanced services. The main thing that has really brought extreme experiences ...

The beautiful coastal resort in Da Nang

Thanks to its beautiful natural scenery, luxury resorts are more travelers are choosing every time to the city on the Han River.

Danang in the top of the hotel should "stop" in Vietnam

The beautiful and luxurious hotels in Vietnam will be interesting destination of tourists during the holiday season 30/4 - 1/5 and especially when summer is coming.

Fansipan Da Nang Hotels: Accommodation ideal

Fansipan Da Nang Hotel is one of the 3 star standard hotel, is located on Spratlys Here visitors will enjoy the cool breeze from the beautiful My Khe Beach and ...

Danang "burn room" hotel occasion Fireworks

April fireworks contest in Da Nang just happened but many travel companies said it was difficult book hotels, especially the three-star hotel, while room rates also almost doubled.